About Us

Keshav Smruti Pratishthan, is a Non-Government organization, well known for addressing various social issues since 1989. It has incessantly strived hard for the upliftment of the society by working in educational, health, finance and social fields.

Some of the projects running under Keshav Smriti Pratishthan are:


Dr. Avinash Acharya Vidyalay (Primary and Pre Primary) , English Medium School(Nursery to eighth standard) , Kashinath Palod Public School (CBSE), Late Smt. B. G. Shanbhag Highschool, Residential School and Junior and Senior College are run under Vivekanand Pratishthan. VP was the first to introduce the concept of a semi- English medium school, which is now followed by many schools all over Maharashtra.


Blood bank not only supplies blood to the needy at a very reasonable, affordable rate but aims at making blood donation a movement. It has always strived to spread the importance of blood donation among masses and encourage more and more people to donate blood. Blood donation camps are regularly organized on various occasions like Ganesh Festival, Navaratri, Memorials, birthdays of eminent personalities etc.


Eye Bank was found with the collaboration of R C Bafna Foundation Trust and Keshav Smruti Pratishthan. It is the first eye bank in Khandesh. The main aim being spreading the awareness of importance of eye donation, this bank has successfully imparted vision to 237 blind people till now, free of cost. The eye check up of the needy is also done for free.


Established in 1998, situated far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Matoshri is lovingly looking after 96 senior citizens who due to some reason are unable to live with their kith and kin. Regular health check ups are conducted in order to impart them a healthy and happy life. A number of social activities like bhajan programs, bhav Geeta concerts are arranged to entertain them and make them feel homely.


Kshudha Shanti Kendra has been providing excellent quality food on a no profit no loss basis since past 28 years. It has been recognized by different eminent people from all walks of life.  Every year candidates aspiring to get into army and police are provided with excellent breakfast, lunch as well as dinner at a very low cost. Poor, disabled, shelterless women are employed here so as to make them independent and self sufficient.


The main aim of this project is to identify children who have run away from their homes and either reunite them with their parents or admit them into child welfare centers. 1156 children have been benefited till date. We have a special child help unit on Bhusawal Railway station.


Problems of sexually or physically  abused children, child labours, child beggars, kidnapped children, children who have been deprived of education and children with health issues are addressed with the help of Central Government’s help line no 1098 by this KSP project. 400 children have been benefited till date.


Fully equipped ambulance is made available to transport patients to different cities at a very affordable cost. 

Hearse is provided to the families of the diseased so that long distance relatives can get a last glimpse of their expired loved one.


This project aims at helping the needy by imparting education, imbibing culture and making them self sufficient. Different workshops are conducted for children for their overall development. These children are provided second hand text books through  Pathya Pustak Yojana. They are supposed to use the books carefully and pass them on to the next batch. This inculcates values like caring and sharing in them.


A state of the art School for the hearing impaired, is educating more than hundred special children today. A special sound proof room helps in measuring the percentage of their hearing loss. The children are then provided with hearing aids as per their needs. Stress is given on making them pronounce different words and speak, instead of using sign language. Special workshops train  them in making artificial flowers, painted handkerchiefs, decorated envelops, mobile covers, warli paintings and a number of other things so that after school they can start a business of their own and become self sufficient.


We work for the betterment of mentally retarded adults. Situated in Savkheda, Jalgaon, surrounded with lush green trees, Ashray is far away from the polluted hustle and bustle of the city. An expert team of caretakers, clinical psychologists, and administrators work round the clock to ensure a healthy, happy and pleasant existence to the Ashray residents.

Ashray is first and the only institute in Khandesh, which promises to not only take lifelong responsibility of special adults but also aims at raising their self esteem by making them independent.